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Madrona Folk School 

23-24 School-year 


Centering Creativity, Connection & Critical Thinking


Tuesdays 930-300 

Ages 9-14 (4th-8th grade) 

Book Club & Writing, Fine Arts, Crafts, & Games. Youth will be in 2 groups for reading and writing classes. 

All materials and books are included. 3rd grade reading and writing level required. 


Sept 19 - Nov 14 (9 weeks) - 360

Jan 9 - March 12 (10 weeks) - 400

April 2 - May 21 (8 weeks) - 320

We will be reading books from the Brave Writer 23-24 curriculum as pictured below. Book clubs encourage critical thinking and reflection. There will be homework between classes including reading, journaling and writing assignments. Youth will be asked to read aloud in class and participate in discussions. 

Each Tuesday session we will have a session of either fine arts using watercolors, colored pencils, pastel and charcoal or handicrafts. 


There will be 3 family potlucks and performances at the end of each session. 


All classes are cellphone and device free at Madrona Folk School. 

Madrona Folk School is a vendor with Teach NW, LOGOS and REACH. 

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